How to Prepare for the Perfect Beach Day!

How to Prepare for the Perfect Beach Day!

Who does not love a great beach day, and preparing for those sandy shores can add to that enjoyment. The best way to prepare for a beach day can be put into three simple steps:

Pack those essentials! Essentials always include plenty of water or drinks to keep you hydrated throughout the day, snacks or a meal to avoid having to pay for food (but who doesn't love some nice boardwalk food) and of course the ever important sunscreen. Some clothing and accessories to bring, a majority of which you can find in our store, are a nice hat to block the sun, a pair of sunglasses, beach bags for your towels, and change of clothes. A small first aid kit is something to think about as well.

Always check the weather! Those weather reports are always changing and no one wants to arrive at the beach only for the rain to start coming down or it becomes a scorcher and there is a lack of sunscreen for everyone. 

Bring some games and activities! Of course there is tanning and swimming that requires no extra add ons to the trip, but only a finite amount of time can be spent laying in the sun. Bring a football, surfboard, a frisbee and all other kinds of fun actives to truly make the most of your beach day.

Preparing for the beach can always add to the anticipation and joy that comes from spending a day in the sun hearing the water and the joy of other beach goers. Following these three simple steps can enhance your fun and can add a memory you will never forget! 

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