Theresa Losa

Artist. Designer. Founder. 


“From the bathing suits and hats, to the patterned towels and neatly arranged umbrellas, time spent at the beach taught me how to experience life in the culture of color and the synergy of style.” 

As a mother, wife and a descendant of accomplished painters, Theresa Losa draws inspiration from her faith, family and cherished childhood memories on the beaches of the Jersey Shore. 

Early on, Theresa discovered the infinite possibilities in mixing paint colors. She was intrigued by the tapestry of tradition and learned to make her own clothes by the tender hand of her grandmother. For Theresa, being at the beach was just as profound of an influence.  She felt the gravity of the sea pulling all walks of life to its shores. There was a story behind each individual collectively sharing in the joy of the ocean and the sand. This culmination of wonder and observation became her formative lessons in art, composition and storytelling.

For many years, her passion for art and fashion was expressed through her professional career as a visual designer. Motherhood and the desire to build a close-knit family became a divine catalyst for Losa’s return to her first love, painting. Theresa Losa Art, has since attracted a national following. As a designer and Modern Impressionist artist, her work has been featured in an award-winning Showtime series, leading to a prolific partnership with interior design company, Serena & Lily, and beyond. 

Theresa’s newly curated collection of apparel and accessories brings her acclaimed series, “Beach People,” to life. Ethically sourced and intentionally designed, Beach People is a lifestyle brand created to transport you to your happy place.


This is the art of living.

B E A C H  P E O P L E